In 2014, Safe Haven CAC served 187 children.

One in every 10 children will be a victim of sexual abuse by their 18th birthday. Based on data from the CDC, a conservative estimate for the cost of maltreatment in West Virginia was over $775 Million in 2014.

Safe Haven exists to change those numbers and lead the fight against the cycle of child abuse through a stronger, more approachable model. And over the past year, we’ve made significant progress by providing 184 forensic interviews, 10 medical exams, and therapy to 29 children in our community.



Who We Serve

  • 100% of victims knew their abuser. Abuse is a crime of secrecy.
  • 71% of cases reported were sexual abuse.

How Many Served

  • Safe Haven CAC served 176 children.
  • Safe Haven CAC is seeing 28% more cases than in 2009. Because our model works, more children are coming to our CAC.

What We Provided

  • 184 forensic interviews
  • 29 children received therapy sessions
  • 10 children received medical exams

What Caregivers Are Saying

  • 97% agreed that their child felt safe at the CAC.
  • 100% said if they knew anyone else with a situation like their family was facing, they would tell that person about the CAC.

How This Benefits Our Community

  • The CAC model saved taxpayers in our community $184,272 in investigative expenses this year.
  • If the CAC hadn’t intervened, the estimated lifetime costs of abuse for the children we served last year would have been $27,301,560.

Help Us Help Children Heal.

In order to continue helping children in our community begin their path to healing from abuse, we need your help.

Every dollar you donate will go directly back to supporting children here in our local community — helping promote justice for them, connecting them to healing services, and ending the cycle of abuse.